Joint session AFM – ESPRM

17.00-19.00 ZETA HALL.Joint session AFM – ESPRM- Euro-NMD
Rehabilitation of rare disease and muscular dystrophies : outcome measures preparing genetic therapies (SISC)

Chairpersons: Francois BOYER, Ghilas BOUSSAID, Algirdas UTKUS

1. Laurent SERVAIS: Clinical trial and outcome measures in Neuromuscular Disorders

2. Enzo RICCI: Muscle MRI as an outcome measure in neuromuscular diseases

3. Algirdas UTKUS: Huntington disease as a paradigm of management of rare diseases in Lithuania

4. Carole VUILLEROT: MFM measure and NMD: Metrological powers

5. Antoine DANY: Qol-gNMD: A new patient reported outcome measures validated with a rasch model theory