Labs Session Part 1

08:30-10:30 THETA HALL. Lab Sessions Part I
Chairpersons: Alain DELARQUE, Aydan ORAL, Frans NOLLET, Helene BRAS

8.30-8.40 Dominic PÉRENNOU : Research on Verticality Perception at the LPNC

8.40-8.50 Walter R. FRONTERA: The Muscle Cell Physiology Laboratory

8.50-9.00 Max Ortiz-CATALAN: The Biomechatronics and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory

9.00-9.10 Sebastian DENDORFER, Simone KUBOWITSCH, Franz SUESS: The influence of physical and mental strain on musculoskeletal biomechanics

9.10-9.20 Athanasios KYRIAKIDES, Eleftheria ANTONIADOU, Ioannis Alexandros TZANOS, Nikolaos BAROTSIS*, Angeliki GALATA, Elias PANAGIOTOPOULOS, Xanthi MICHAIL: Research activities conducted by the Rehabilitation Department of Patras University hospital

9.20-9.30 Frans NOLLET: Amsterdam Movement Sciences Institute

9.30-9.40 Francesca GIMIGLIANO, Antimo MORETTI, Giovanni IOLASCON: Dissecting androgen receptor on skeletal muscle cells: D.A.RE project

9.40-9.50 Mikhail SALTYCHEV, Katri LAIMI: Research in Turku University Hospital PRM department

9.50-10.00 Sara LAXE, Montserrat BERNABEU: The role of Guttmann Institut hospital for Neurorehabilitation

10.00-10.10 Paolo CAPODAGLIO: Translational research for multidisciplinary Rehabilitation in metabolic conditions

10.10-10.20 Helene BRAS: Combined clinical and pre-clinical evaluations to design new therapeutic strategies to reduce spasticity

10.20-10.30 Discussion/Remarks