Oral Presentation Session

11:00-13:00 GAMMA HALL. Oral Presentation Session: Main health interventions and PRM (A.05. )
Willemijn FABER, Sofia LOPES

1. Sofia LOPES: Effect of a health promotion program on students of the 1st cycle of private school regarding backpack weight
2. Aleksei SHMONIN:The Program of Occupational Correction and Cerebrolysin for Men with Post-Stroke Depression.
3. Raimonda PETROLIENĖ:  Peculiarities of motivation to change health behavior. A quasi experiment experience
4. Natalia IVANOVA: Principles of early neurorehabilitation in neurosurgery
5.Benjamin MISSBACH: Let the crowd speak. „Tell us!“: a novel approach to crowdsource research questions in the diagnosis and treatment after orthopedic trauma
6. João MOREIRA: Outcome and safety of epidural steroid injection in lumbar radiculopathy