MRT 180

13.00-16.00 ETA HALL. MRT 180

(Each presentation needs to be performed in 180 seconds).

Chairpersons: Aydan ORAL, Alain DELARQUEDominic PERENNOU, Nikolaos BAROTSIS
(Names of the PhD students are in alphabetical order according to first names. The time allocated to each presenter includes a discussion period).

13.00-13.10 Welcome messages
13.10-13.20 Annika TAULANIEMI, Markku KANKAANPÄÄ, Kari TOKOLA, Jari PARKKARI, Jaana Helena SUNI: Effects Of Neuromuscular Exercise On Lumbar Movement Control, Fitness And Work-Related Physical Factors In Female Nursing Personnel With Sub-Acute, Re-Current Low Back Pain – Randomized Controlled Trial

13.20-13.30 Christelle PONS, Sylvain BROCHARD: Biomechanical And Morphological Factors Of The Shoulder Pathology In Children With Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Palsy: Impact On Rehabilitative Therapeutics

13.30-13.40 David Armando CHAPARRO, Benoit BOREL, Maxence COMPAGNAT, Jean Christophe DAVIET, Jean Yves SALLE, Stéphane MANDIGOUT: Physical Activity Quantification In Subacute Stroke Recovery Patients Included In A Home-Based Physical Activity And And Education Program After 6 Months Of Monitoring

13.40-13.50 Doina Ioana BADEA, Ileana CIOBANU, Lucian Petre SEICIU, Mihai BERTEANU: Pilot Study For Identifying The Best Exercises And Techniques That Can Be Integrated In Rehabilitation Programs Using Relive Mechatronic System

13.50-14.00 Dubravka Šalić HERJAVEC, Simeon GRAZIO: Comparison Of The Effects Of The Standard Exercises And Coordination And Proprioceptive Exercises On Pain And Functional Ability In Patients With Chronic Neck Pain

14.00-14.10 Edis MUSTAFA, Mihai BERTEANU, Ileana CIOBANU, Andreea MARTIN: TDCS – Transcranial direct current stimulation in the rehabilitation of stroke patients associating depression or aphasia

14.10-14.20 Elisa ANDRENELLI, Marianna CAPECCI, Laura Di BIAGIO, Lucia PEPA, Luca LUCARELLI, Paolo SERAFINI, Paolo GUIDONI, Chiara SPAGNUOLO, Francesca MORGANTE, Maria Gabriella CERAVOLO: Shaping Sensorimotor Plasticity Through Robotic Gait Training With G-Eo System In Parkinson’s Disease

14.20-14.30 Gintarė NARMONTAITĖ: Correlation between brief ICF core set for ischemic heart disease (IHD) and veloergometry in patients with IHD

14.30-14.40 Guna BERZINA: Comparison Of Rehabilitation Outcomes For Persons After Stroke In Latvia And Sweden

14.40-14.50 Iryna MAHULKA, Oksana HDYRYA, Rostyslav DANYLKOV, Maryana HORDYNSKA:The experience of recovery treatment of patients with spinal cord injury in the military and medical clinical center of the western region

14.50-15.00 Juultje SOMMERS, Denise WIEFERINK, Dave DONGELMANS, Raoul ENGELBERT, Frans NOLLET, Marike VAN DER SCHAAF: Body Weight-Supported Treadmill Training Promotes Very Early Ambulation In Patients In The Intensive Care Unit: A Feasibility Study

15:00-15.10 Julie GOLLIOT: Specification And Use Of A Serious-Game To Rehabilitate Patients With Dysexecutive Syndrome

15.10-15.20 Marjorie KERZONCUF, Frédéric BROCARD, Laurent BENSOUSSAN, Alain DELARQUE, Jean-Michel VITON, Hélène BRAS: Initial Segment And Spasticity In Rats With Spinal Transection

15.20-15.30 Marius-Nicolae POPESCU, Mihai BERTEANU: Ultrasound guided injections with botulinum toxin in upper limb spasticity after stroke

15.30-15.40 Matthijs Ferdinand WOUDA, Eivind LUNDGAARD, Frank BECKER, Vegard STRØM: High Intensity Aerobic Exercise In Ambulatory Subjects With Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

15.40-15.50 Maxime VALET, Thierry LEJEUNE, Gaetän STOQUART, Christine DETERMBLEUR, Souraya EL SANKARI, Vincent VAN PESCH: Fatigue, Physical Fitness And Exercise Among Patients Suffering From Multiple Sclerosis With Mild Neurological Disability: A Telerehabilitative Approach

15.50-16.00 Melanie COGNE, Pierre-Alain JOSEPH, Evelyne KLINGER: Influence Of Sensory Modulations On Virtual Spatial Navigation And Memory – Cognitive Processes Involved

16:00-16.10 Per-Ola RIKE: Critical Factors For Safe Driving After An Acquired Brain Injury

16.10-16.20 Robert WAKOLBINGER, Christian MUSCHITZ, Georg SHERIAU, Gerd BODLAJ, Roland KOCIJAN, Xaver FEICHTINGER, Jakob E. SCHANDA, Judith HASCHKA, Heinrich RESCH, Peter PIETSCHMANN: Bone microarchitecture in hepatic cirrhosis

16.20-16.30 Stijn BOGAERTS, Catarina DE BRITO CARVALHO, Lennart SCHEYS, Kaat DESLOOVERE, Koen PEERS: Quantitative Ultrasound For The Evaluation Of Achilles Tendon Deformation

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