Oral Presentations Session

08:00-10:00 GAMMA HALL. Miscellanea

  1. Aleksei SHMONİN, Xiaoxuan YU, Elena A. BONDAREVА, J. ZHOU: Research of the factors that determine the rehabilitation potential and satisfaction of the medical care of patients with acute stroke in China and Russia3
  2. Remigiusz ZIARNO: Rehabilitation of children and adults with upper respiratory tract diseases in conditions of subterraneotherapy – the experiences of otolaryngology clinic in Cracow
  3. Dovilė ŠABLINSKIENĖ: The effectiveness of pelvic floor training for the patients with pelvic floor and sexual disfunction
  4. Dalius JATUŽIS: Stroke prevention in patients with AF
  5. Dovilė ŠABLINSKIENĖ: The efficiency of pelvic floor rehabilitation after prostatectomy
  6. 6.Marco MONTICONE: Efficacy of two brief cognitive-behavioural programmes for chronic neck pain: results of a randomized controlled pilot study.
  7. Christine ROZHKO, Alexander SHOSHMIN, Irina CHERKASHINA. Personalized rehabilitation of patients with osteoarthritis and obesity.