Poster Session 2

– Nijole Šostakienė – Lithuania
– Tonko Vlak – Croatia
– Zoltan Denes – Hungary

1.Kang Hee CHO: The Effects Of High-Density High-Resilience Mattress On Interface Pressure In Bed-Ridden Patients
2.Seo YU JIN: Feasibility And Improving Physical Function Of Active Rehabilitation For Critical Ill Patients In Surgical Intensive Care Unit
3.Andrejs ŠNIPKIS: Effectiveness Of Virtual Reality To Improve Upper Extremity Functions And Functional Independence In Patients After Stroke
4.Sylwia CHWIEŚKO-MINAROWSKA: The Effectiveness Of Short-Term Massage Versus Trabert Current Therapy In Patients With Low Back Pain.
5.Erzsebet BOROS: Comparing Various Measurement Methods To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Lymphoedema Rehabilitation
6.Laimute SAMSONIENE: The Effect Of The Adapted Physical Activity Program On The Psychomotor Performance And The Quality Of Life For Patients With Breast Cancer
7.Muyesser OKUMUS: Effects Of Wet Cupping Therapy In Patients With Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial
8.Ivan LEMKO: Non-Invasive Diagnostic System In The Medical Decision Support And Screening In Gastroenterological Practice
9.Varje-Riin TUULIK: The Effect Of Local Unilateral Thermoneutral Peloid Application On The Skin Functions Measured In The Forearms Region With Corneometer
10.Yulia BUSHKOVA: The Combination Of The Biofeedback Method And Interface-Brain-Computer-Exoskeleton Technology In A Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program For Patients After A Stroke
11.Hyun Ho KONG: Proper Methods For Collagenase Induced Tendinopathy Animal Model
12.Jayoung KIM: The Effect Of Morning Walk®-Assisted Gait Training For Patients With Hemiparesis Due To Stroke
13.Young Ju SHIN: Reintegration To Social Life And Qol Of Ischemic Versus Hemorrhagic Stroke Patients: Korean Stroke Cohort Study
14.Margarida ALVES: Shoulder Pain Of Patients With Subacute Stroke – Retrospective Study
15.Ayşe A. KÜÇÜKDEVECI: Malnutrition Following Stroke In A Rehabilitation Unit: Frequency And Associated Risk Factors
16.Johanna KIVELÄ: How To Increase Participation Of Persons With Neuromuscular Diseases By Means Of Physiotherapy- Developing An Online Database In An On-Going Project ”Fylli” By The Finnish Neuromuscular Disorders Association
17.Madalena RANGEL: Axillary Nerve Injury – A Clinical Case And Review Of Management Strategies
18.Romain COLLIN: Mme Gene Mutation Causing Spinocerebellar Ataxia And Axonal Polyneuropathy: Clinical Case
19.Po-Cheng HSU: Effect Of Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Therapy On Spasticity After Central Nervous System Injury: A Meta-Analysis
20.Elena VOROBEJ: Effect Of New Occupational Therapy Methods On Cognitive Development In Children With Cp
21.Mihyang HAN: The Value Of Frontal Assessment Battery In Stroke And Traumatic Brain Injury Patients
22.Yongsoon YOON: Correlation Of Radiographic And Patient Assessment Of Spine Following Correction Of Nonstructural Component In Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis
23.Arne HEYNS: The Prevalence Of Scoliosis In Spina Bifida Subpopulations: A Systematic Review
24.Alise KIRILOVA: Individualized Home-Based Exercise Program For The Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Patients: Feasibility Study
25.Erika LIOVAITĖ: Adherence Effects Of A Cardiac Rehabilitation Program In Patients After Myocardial Infarction
26.Nomeda VAITIEKŪNAITĖ: The Effectiveness Of Voice And Smell Rehabilitation Of Patients After Laryngeal Cancer Tretment