UEMS-PRM Section and Board Sessions Part 2

11:00-13:00 GAMMA HALL. UEMS-PRM Section and Board Sessions
Professional Practise Part II
Presentation of published and ongoing “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine practice, Evidence Based Position Papers” – The European position
Chairpersons: Nicolas CHRISTODOULOU, Enrique VARELA DONOSO

1. Stefano NEGRINI: People with spinal deformities during growth (15 min.)

2. Paolo CAPODAGLIO: People with disabling obesity (15 min.)

3. Aydan ORAL: Ageing people with disabilities (15 min.)

4. Klemen GRABLJEVEC: Adults with Acquired Brain Injury (15 min.)

5. Ayşe A. KÜÇÜKDEVECI: Persons with stroke. (15 min.)

Discussion (20 min)

6. Mauro ZAMPOLINI: White Book of PRM in Europe. Chapter 5 – The PRM organizations in Europe: structure and activities (20 min)