UEMS-PRM Section and Board Sessions Part 1

8.30-10.30 GAMMA HALL. UEMS-PRM Section and Board  Sessions
Professional Practice COMMITTEE (PPC) Part I
Presentation of published and ongoing “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine practice, Evidence Based Position Papers” – The European position
Chairpersons: Nicolas CHRISTODOULOU, Enrique VARELA DONOSO

1. 8.30-8.45 Enrique VARELA DONOSO:The PPC work in order to define the role of PRM physicians in Europe. The EBPPs

2. 8.45-9.00 Carlotte KIEKENS: Methodology of “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine practice, Evidence Based Position Papers – The European position”

3. 9.00-9.15 Alvydas JUOCEVICIUSPeople with cardiovascular conditions

4. 9.15-9.30 Aydan ORAL*: People with respiratory conditions

5. 9.30-9.45 Christina Anasthasia RAPIDI:* Persons with spinal cord injury

6. 9.45-10.00 Gabor FAZEKAS: Persons with pain

10:15-10:25 Discussion

7. 10.25-10.45 Christoph GUTENBRUNNER: White Book of PRM in Europe. Chapter 7 – The clinical field of competence: PRM in practice