Workshop: Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation

8.00-10.00 Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation


Maximal: 50 participants

Workshop purpose:

This workshop is especially aimed at Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) physicians who are interested in knowing the latest scientific & technical advances in the field of clinical biomechanical assessment of musculoskeletal and/or neurological disorders.

This workshop also pretends to provide a dissemination platform for informing about the more significant outcomes achieved by IBV & ESPRM under the context of different European projects, like the Biomechanics4Rehab (for biomechanics assessment) and Brain4Train (for virtual reality in stroke patients treatment), both respectively supported by LEONARDO DA VINCI and ERASMUS+ Program, and aimed to create innovative training contents for PRM physicians.

Methods used:

The room must be provided with PC with an MSOffice Licence, projector and web access.
Besides, it is expected to install a small dynamometric platform to carry out the demonstrations, which will require a free space of 2m2 and at least 1 electrical plug.

Results expected:

  1. IBV presentation and main focus areas related to PRM.
  2. Brief introduction to clinical biomechanical assessment.
  3. Fields of application and successful cases.
  4. Discussion of practical cases (e.g. stroke, lumbar pain or Parkinson among others).
  5. Demo

Conclusions and further information (how to gain access to the information provided by Biomechanics4rehab and Brain4train projects). On line courses information