Workshop: Shockwave Therapy (SISC)

17:00-19:00 EPSILON HALL Shockwave Therapy (SISC)
Elena ILIEVA, Nikolaos BAROTSIS*


Maximal:50 participants

Workshop purpose:
The aim is to provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the effective and safe use of radial and focused ESWT. The theoretical part will be followed by demonstration and hands-on practice.

Methods used:
Theoretical part, demonstration, hands-on

Results expected:
By the end of the workshop the participants will be fully aware regarding the physical and biological principles, standard indications and evidence about its effectiveness. They will become familiar with the new fields of application (spasticity, osteoarthritis, wound healing). During the hands-on session the participants will have the opportunity to practice on different types of equipment under the guidance of the workshop instructors.