Workshop: Robotic in PRM Part 1

14:00-16:00 EPSILON HALL. Robotic in PRM Part 1
Alessandro GIUSTINI


Maximal: 60 participants

Workshop purpose:
Firstly : We need to create (if possible in a brief meeting in Bratislava ?) the SISC: First level Committee members (Delegates interested and involved in this field ). So we could have a group to be able to discuss all together (by email too ) about names of co-responsible and about of needed speakers.

Methods used:
To meet and involve PRM collegues from any European Country working in this field,sharing experiences and creating large SISC for ESPRM and promoting activities and cooperations (scientific and clinical ones )with the aim to develop PRM role.

Results expected:
Inviting in time to be present in the Workshop, by the support of Committee Members and each PRM National Societies ; asking them to diffuse the proposal to be present into their national level of interested collegues.